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June 2015

06/02/2015 The Official Microsoft Blog Welcome 6Wunderkinder! Microsoft acquires Wunderlist

May 2015

05/22/2015 Business Insider The 17 Hottest Tech Startups in Germany

05/19/2015 The Next Web You Can Now View and Create Wunderlist Tasks in Sunrise Calendar

05/13/2015 TechCrunch To-Do App Wunderlist Debuts An API, Early Integrations Of Slack, Sunrise, HipChat And More

05/13/2015 The Next Web Wunderlist Opens its Public API, Teases Slack Integration

05/12/2015 Forbes 5 Reasons Your To-Do Lists Aren't Working For You

05/04/2015 Fast Company Android Wear’s New Strategy for Success in the Apple Watch Era

April 2015

04/24/2015 The Guardian As Apple Watch Launches, Smartwatch App Makers Explore New Interfaces

04/07/2015 Entrepreneur 10 Tools for Getting More Done Every Day

March 2015

03/28/2015 Cult of Mac How Wunderlist Works on the Apple Watch

03/27/2015 MacRumors Wunderlist for Apple Watch Brings To-Do Lists, Agendas and Reminders to Your Wrist

03/19/2015 Make Use Of How to Use New Wunderlist Folders to Boost Your To-Do List

03/12/2015 Lifehacker Wunderlist Adds Folders, Natural Language Detection, and More

03/12/2015 The Next Web Wunderlist Adds List Folders and Updates its iOS, Android and Mac Apps With New Design

03/12/2015 The Verge Wunderlist Launches Redesigned Apps for iPhone, Android, and Mac

February 2015

02/26/2015 The Verge Wunderlist Announces App Integrations, New Quick-add Feature for iOS App

January 2015

01/30/2015 The Next Web Wunderlist for Android Wear Now Lets You Interact with Notifications, Dictate To-dos and More

01/29/2015 The Independent Adrian Weckler – The 50 Must-have Apps for Business

01/29/2015 Business Insider 18 Australian Entrepreneurs Share their Tips for Improving How You Work

01/05/2015 Forbes People Who Keep Their Resolutions Do These 5 Things

01/02/2015 Time The 10 Best Apps for Your New Windows Computer

December 2014

12/25/2014 The Verge The Best Apps for Your New iPhone

12/24/2104 CNet 10 Apps to Swap

12/02/2014 Cult of Mac All In The Wrist – Devs Embrace Future of Apple Watch Apps

November 2014

11/12/2014 Fast Company 17 Tools For Remote Workers

11/09/2014 Business Insider 13 Apps You Should Use Everyday

11/07/2014 The Washington Post In Berlin Life Is A Cabaret

October 2014

10/01/2014 TechCrunch To-Do App Wunderlist Links Up With Dropbox, Its First Integration

10/01/2014 The Next Web Wunderlist Adds Dropbox Support To Help You Better Manage Your To-dos

September 2014

09/21/2014 USA Today Terrific Apps Are Reborn For iPhone 6, iOS8

09/19/2014 The Verge The Best To-do List App

09/08/2014 Wired Connected Software Is the Next Step in Productivity

August 2014

08/25/2014 The Telegraph Want to Change Your Working Life? There's An App For That

08/06/2014 Techable To-Doリストがさらに進化!「Wunderlist」にリアルタイム同期と公開機能が追加

08/06/2014 Lifehacker - Japan これなしでは生きられないアプリ特集「Mac編」:Lifehacker Pack for Mac 2014

08/01/2014 Engaget To-do app Wunderlist gets a fresh coat of paint and real-time sync

08/01/2014 Technode - China 苹果公司内部团队御用产品,“奇妙清单”中国市场首发评测

08/01/2014 36KR Wunderlist 瞄准中小团队协作全面进入 3.0 版本,同时化身“奇妙清单”进入中国

08/01/2014 ifanr 专访 Wunderlist 创始人:终极愿景是“让生活保持同步”

08/01/2014 CNET - Japan ToDoリスト管理の「Wunderlist」がバージョンアップ--パブリックリスト機能を追加

08/01/2014 The Next Web Wunderlist is completely rebuilt in a bid to become ‘the home of the world’s list’

July 2014

07/31/2014 TechCrunch Wunderlist 3 Gets Real-Time Sync and Public Lists

07/31/2014 GigaOM Wunderlist becomes a platform, aiming to be ‘the home of all the world’s lists’

07/31/2014 Lifehacker Wunderlist 3 Adds REal-Time Sync, Public Lists and a New Interface

07/21/2014 Yesky 跨平台GTD应用奇妙清单3将在中国正式首发

07/15/2014 QUARTZ The company that wants your to-do list to be fun

07/10/2014 t3n Wunderlist 3 kommt – Was die neue Version neben Echtzeit-Sync noch alles kann

07/10/2014 ALT1040 El rey del GTD se renueva – llega Wunderlist 3

07/10/2014 Celularis Wunderlist 3 estrenará nuevo diseño y llegará cargado de novedades

June 2014

06/24/2014 Any.DO Todo vs. Wunderlist – Zwei gratis To-Do-Apps im Vergleich

06/12/2014 Wall Street Journal Google Launches The Factory, a Berlin Startup Incubator

06/10/2014 PCWorld Making a (to-do) list – Wunderlist, Carrot, and other apps help you track your tasks

May 2014

05/22/2014 t3n Jenseits des Hypes – Wie SoundCloud, Wooga, und 6Wunderkinder erwachsen wurden


05/09/2014 Xconomy Three months in Berlin – One tech entrepreneurs journey

April 2014

04/30/2014 ThinkBig Herramientas online para trabajar en equipo de forma remota

March 2014

03/20/2014 Choice Magazine Free Productivity Programs

February 2014

02/25/2014 Forbes Will The Eurozone's Next Tech Hub Be In Berlin?

02/25/2014 Smart Company Tips for Productivity and Saving Time

02/20/2014 Spiegel WhatsApp-Profiteur Sequoia Capital — Die Zerstörer

02/19/2014 Lifehacker I'm Christian Reber, and This Is the Story Behind Wunderlist

02/17/2014 Gründerszene 6Wunderkinder-Investor nimmt Startup-Artikel der Wirtschaftswoche auseinander

02/15/2014 Lifehacker How We Work 2014 — Alan Henry's Favourite Gear And Productivity Tricks

02/14/2014 Bloomberg TV Sequoia Capital Invests in 6Wunderkinder

02/14/2014 Bloomberg TV Investor That Backed Apple Makes First German Bet

02/14/2014 Bloomberg Death Strip Outpost Lures SoundCloud as Berlin Wall Gets Hip

02/7/2014 Gründerszene Ein iWatch-Designer für 6Wunderkinder

02/5/2014 Lifehacker How We Work 2014 — Whitson Gordon's Gear and Productivity Tricks

January 2014

01/30/2014 Lifehacker How We Work, 2014 — Adam Dachis' Gear and Productivity Tricks

01/30/2014 Wall Street Journal Instagram's Co-Founder Mike Krieger's Favorite Gadgets

01/29/2014 Netzwertig 15 heiße Startups aus Berlin und was aus ihnen Geworden ist

01/28/2014 Financial Times Experiment with a bit of Anarchy

01/22/2014 Netzwertig Wunderlist, das andere Evernote

01/17/2014 Computerwoche First Look - Samsung Knox für Privatkunden

01/14/2014 Die Welt Love, Peace & Internet

01/7/2014 Entrepreneur Business Apps to Use Now

01/7/2014 ZDF Heute Die schlaue To-do-Liste fürs Handy

01/6/2014 Focus Herrscher über das Chaos - To-do-Listen-Apps im Check

01/6/2014 Forbes 30 under 30 - Christian Reber, Founder, Wunderlist

01/3/2014 The Guardian Berlin's 'Poor but Sexy' Appeal Turning City into European Silicon Valley

01/2/2014 Financial Times Berlin’s Start-ups Want to go Back to the Future

December 2013

12/29/2013 ZDNet Wunderlist - Werbung kommt für uns nicht in Frage

12/18/2013 Wall Street Journal Apple adelt drei Apps aus Berlin

12/17/2013 Berliner Morgenpost Wunderlist ist Apples App des Jahres

12/17/2013 Engadget Apple Includes Ridiculous Fishing and Wunderlist in its Top iOS and OS X Apps of 2013

12/13/2013 GigaOM Wunderlist Set to Get Conversational as 6Wunderkinder Buys Moped Code

12/12/2013 The Next Web Wunderlist maker Acquires the Technology behind Business Messaging Service Moped

12/8/2013 GigaOM The Continuing Evolution of the Mobile Business App Ecosystem

November 2013

11/30/2013 Make Use Of Wunderlist Is A Compelling Alternative To Plain Old iOS Reminders

11/26/2013 Mashable 15 Underrated Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

11/19/2013 Fast Company The Multitasker - Killer Apps For Doing It All (at once)

11/14/2013 CHIP Online Wunderlist - Einstieg in USA, Investor bleibt in Berlin

11/13/2013 CNN Money Venture Capital Deals

11/13/2013 Berliner Zeitung 19 Millionen für Berliner Start-up

11/12/2013 Tech Crunch To-Do App Wunderlist Confirms $19M Series B And Expands To The US, While Sequoia Heads Into Germany

11/12/2013 Wall Street Journal Sequoia Bewertet 6Wunderkinder mit Rund 60 Millionen Dollar

11/12/2013 Wall Street Journal 6Wunderkinder Closes $19 Million B Round; Sequoia Joins Board

11/12/2013 The New York Times Sequoia Capital Invests in Berlin Start-Up

11/12/2013 Forbes Why Sequoia Bet $19 Million On Berlin’s Wunderlist

11/12/2013 Berliner Morgenpost 19 Millionen Dollar für Start-up 6Wunderkinder

11/12/2013 Bild Christian Reber (27) Erhalt 19 Million Dollar Fur Sein Startup - “Ich will das Nächste Milliarden-Ding Werden“

11/12/2013 GigaOM Wunderlist 3 Will Emerge in Early 2014, Supporting Windows Phone and Windows 8

11/12/2013 Gründerszene Christian Reber über den Deal seines Lebens

11/12/2013 t3n 6Wunderkinder - Wunderlist 3 kommt hoffentlich im ersten Quartal 2014

11/12/2013 Silicon Allee 6Wunderkinder Announces $19m Series B Led By Sequoia Capital

11/12/2013 Handelsblatt 6Wunderkinder Locken Apple-Investor

11/12/2013 Handelsblatt 6Wunderkinder Locken Apple-Investor

11/12/2013 Computerwoche 6Wunderkinder Bekommt 19 Millionen Dollar von Sequoia Capital

11/12/2013 All Things D Wunderlist To-Do App Checks Off $19M Raised From Sequoia

11/08/2013 Wall Street Journal The Best To-Do List Apps for Feeling Productive

11/04/2013 Gründerszene Wie Kommt man an das Geld des Legendärsten Investors der Welt?

11/04/2013 t3n 6Wunderkinder Sammelt 30 Millionen US-Dollar ein – Signalwirkung für Startup-Standort Berlin

11/02/2013 Tech Crunch China ToDo应用Wunderlist开发商6Wunderkinder获3000万美元B轮融资

11/01/2013 GigaOM Sequoia Joins in $30M 6Wunderkinder Round, According to Report

11/01/2013 Gründerszene 6Wunderkinder Holt 30 Millionen und einen der Weltbesten Investoren nach Berlin

11/01/2013 Venture Beat Wunderlist Maker - Thanks for the $30M, Sequoia, and Welcome to Germany

11/01/2013 Wall Street Journal Facebook Investor Sequoia Invested for the First Time in Germany

11/01/2013 Tech Crunch 6Wunderkinder, Maker Of To-Do App Wunderlist, Has Raised Up To A $30M Series B, In Sequoia’s First Step Into Germany

11/01/2013 USA Today Strategies - 20 ways for small businesses to save time

October 2013

10/28/2013 t3n To-Do-Software - 10 Tools, um Aufgaben zu verwalten

10/23/2013 Tech Republic Wunderlist - Serious to-do list management for your Android tablet

10/21/2013 Forbes How To Use Task Management Software To Increase Employee Productivity

10/09/2013 Huffington Post Seven Apps You Can't Live Without This Holiday Season

10/03/2013 Economist Start-ups in Europe, A tale of two ecosystems

September 2013

09/25/2013 App Advice Popular Wunderlist To-Do App Updated With Commenting Feature And Pro Trial

09/25/2013 Web App Storm Wunderlist Gets Comments and Pro Features for Everyone

09/24/2013 Cult of Android Bring The Conversation To Your To-Do List With Comments For Wunderlist Pro

09/24/2013 Lifehacker The Best Packaged Apps for Chrome

09/24/2013 Gruenderszene Irgendwann werden wir 100 Millionen Nutzer haben

09/24/2013 The Next Web Wunderlist Pro Adds Comments to Help You Keep Up with the Progress of Shared Tasks

09/24/2013 Silicon Allee Wunderlist 2 Hits 5.3 Million Users as 6WK Adds Comments Feature

09/23/2013 Medium A Road Warrior’s Preferred iOS Apps for Communications, Productivity, Travel, Reading and More

09/22/2013 The Next Web 30 Tips For Avoiding Startup Failure, From Successful Founders

09/17/2013 Berliner Zeitung Zu Besuch bei den Wunderkindern

09/17/2013 Bild Hinter den Kulissen der Berliner Start-Ups

09/11/2013 The Next Web 10 Apps That Would Make Every Smartwatch A Must-Have Device

09/09/2013 The List Top 10 - The Best Android and iOS Apps for Students

09/09/2013 The Next Web 15 steps to Launch Your Own Startup, Part 5 - Mentors, Preparing for Change, and Being Nice

09/05/2013 Google Chrome Blog A New Breed of Chrome Apps

09/05/2013 The Verge Google's Trojan horse - How Chrome Apps Will Finally Take on Windows

August 2013

08/26/2013 GigaOM No More Nagging - 5 Apps for Sharing Tasks at Home

08/26/2013 The Next Web How to Launch Your Own Startup Part 4 (money, culture and becoming a manager)

08/22/2013 Washingtonian 5 Free Apps That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

08/21/2013 Cult of Android Wunderlist For Android Gets Google+ Login & Faster Syncing In Latest Update

08/12/2013 The Next Web 15 Steps to Launch Your Own Tech Startup - Part 3

July 2013

07/29/2013 The Next Web 15 Steps to Launch Your Own Tech Startup - Part 2

07/29/2013 Cult of Mac Wunderlist Gets Tags, File Attachments And Proper Search

07/28/2013 GigaOM Wunderlist Adds File Attachments for Premium Accounts

07/25/2013 Web AppStorm The 15 Best Productivity Extensions for Chrome

07/25/2013 Tech Crunch Wunderlist Pro Gets File Sharing and Business Plan Pricing as Wunderlist Nears 5m Users

07/25/2013 The Next Web Nearing 5m Users Wunderlist Gets Support For File Attachments As Business Pricing is Launched

07/24/2013 Lifehacker Lifehacker Pack for Chrome 2013 - Our List of the Best Extensions

07/19/2013 Examiner Wunderlist for Chrome Packaged App Released

07/19/2013 GigaOM Pocket and Wunderlist Break Free of the Browser As More Apps Come to Chrome

07/18/2013 The Verge Wunderlist Release Chrome Packaged App With Offline Support and Notifications

07/18/2013 Engadget Wunderlist for Chrome App Gives Your Browser a Productivity Power-up

07/15/2013 The Next Web 15 Steps to Start Your Own Tech Business - Part 1

07/15/2013 Lifehacker Lifehacker Pack for Mac 2013 - Our List of the Best Mac Apps

07/15/2013 Fast Company What’s The One App You Can’t Live Without

07/11/2013 Forbes 5 Types of Office Collaboration Tools - Which Is Right For Your Team?

07/08/2013 CNet How to move your Astrid data to Wunderlist

07/01/2013 Boston Globe Apps to help you stay productive at home

June 2013

06/28/2013 San Jose Mercury News Apps that help you work at home

06/27/2013 Make Use Of 5 Tasks That iPhone Apps Can Make Easier

06/26/2013 The New York Times To Manage Time, Apps That Track Time and Pass the Time

06/26/2013 Business Insider 6 Tips For “Managing Up” to a Bad Boss

06/18/2013 Wall Street Journal Forgot the Milk? There’s an App for That

06/17/2013 Huffington Post 19 Mobile Apps For Your Mobile Life

06/16/2013 The Next Web The Personal Cloud That Tomorrow Needs

06/11/2013 Educators Technology 11 Must Have iPad Apps for Teachers

06/03/2013 Tech Cocktail 11 Awesome Apps for a More Efficient Workplace

May 2013

05/21/2013 Vanity Fair My Phone - Songza’s Elias Roman

05/16/2013 Lifehacker How to Export Your To-Dos from Astrid and Take Them to a New App

05/10/2013 CNET Manage to-dos with these four Android apps

05/09/2013 CNET A beautiful task manager for Android

05/08/2013 Lifehacker The Best Chrome Apps You're (Probably) Not Using

05/08/2013 Tab Times Wunderlist Pro review - Simple, effective to-do list app for personal or business use

05/07/2013 TUAW Productivity Tip - Using specialized lists for specific use cases

05/06/2013 Examiner Wunderlist Pro now available on multiple platforms

05/03/2013 Lifehacker Wunderlist Pro Brings Its New UI and Features to Android and Windows

05/03/2013 wwwhat’s new Wunderlist Pro llega finalmente a Windows y Android

05/02/2013 9to5Google Wunderlist launches subscription based “Pro” team collaboration features on Android

05/02/2013 Engadget Wunderlist for Android and Windows gets Pro version, a few freebies for the kids

April 2013

04/26/2013 Engadget Wunderlist Pro goes live for iOS, Mac and web, priced at $50 per year

04/26/2013 Mac.AppStorm Wunderlist Pro is Finally Here, with Task Delegation and More

04/25/2013 9to5Mac Wunderlist "Pro" arrives today with new team collaboration features for $4.99/month

04/25/2013 AppleWeblog Pro ya está disponible, analizamos todas sus características

04/25/2013 GigaOM Tasks for teams - Wunderlist Pro is out for Apple devices and the web

04/25/2013 Lifehacker Wunderlist Unveils an Overhauled UI, New Premium Tools for Groups

04/25/2013 Tech Crunch 6Wunderkinder Debuts Wunderlist Pro, Paid Premium Subscriptions For Its Cross-Platform Productivity App

04/25/2013 TUAW 6Wunderkinder brings new pro features to its Wunderlist task manager

04/25/2013 VentureBeat Wunderlist adds premium version with group assignments, unlimited subtasks, & more

04/23/2013 The Next Web Wunderlist goes Pro with the launch of paid-for premium features

04/19/2013 Berliner Morgenpost 6Wunderkinder wollen nicht mehr nur Hoffnungsträger sein

04/19/2013 Geeky Gadgets Wunderlist Pro Adds Collaboration Features For $4.99 A Month

04/19/2013 TechRadar 6 best to-do apps and extensions to manage your time

04/18/2013 Engadget To-do app Wunderlist Pro adds collaboration function

04/17/2013 Cult of Mac Wunderlist Pro Launching Soon With Collaborative Task Management

04/18/2013 TUAW Wunderlist Announces Wunderlist Pro For Mac iOS And The Web

04/17/2013 Tech Crunch Productivity App Wunderlist Is Launching A Paid, Pro Version Aimed At Business Users

04/15/2013 The Next Web Meet the 5 finalists for Europioneers - The European Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

04/09/2013 The Verge European Tech Startups Report

March 2013

03/14/2013 CNet Add to Wunderlist Extension Provides Easy Cross Platform Web Clipping

03/14/2013 Engadget Add To Wunderlist To Wunderlist Extension Brings One Click Web Clipping To You

03/13/2013 GigaOM Wunderlist Tiptoes Further Onto Evernote’s Turf By Adding Web Clippings Browser Extension

03/13/2013 Lifehacker Add To Wunderlist Turns Web Pages Into Tasks

03/03/2013 The Next Web How To Let Go Of That Killer Thing That Didn’t Kill

03/01/2013 PC World Master your tasks - The 10 best to-do list apps

February 2013

02/22/2013 Android Guys Pick Of The Day - Wunderlist 2

02/22/2013 Mashable 10 Apps You Need to Dominate Your Work Day

02/19/2013 TechCrunch Berlin’s Productivity App Maker 6Wunderkinder Plucks Chad Fowler From LivingSocial As New CTO

02/19/2013 Bild Die ultimativen 100 iPhone-Apps

02/15/2013 The Guardian 30 Best iPhone And iPad Apps This Week)

02/14/2013 TUAW Wunderlist 2 Lands On The iPad As A Universal App

02/14/2013 Berliner Morgenpost Neue App bringt 500000 neue Wunderkinder

02/14/2013 Engadget Wunderlist 2 Task Manager App Hits The iPad

02/14/2013 The Next Web With 3.5m registered users, Wunderlist takes its rebuilt, redesigned task-management app to iPad

02/14/2013 Cult of Mac Wunderlist 2 Finally Comes To iPad Following A Successful Launch On iPhone

02/12/2013 Lifehacker Wunderlist For Android Supports Tablets, Manages Your To-Dos On A Large Screen

02/08/2013 The Guardian 20 Best Android Apps This Week

02/07/2013 Engadget Wunderlist 2 Task App Hits Android Tablets, Comes To iPad Soon

02/07/2013 GigaOM Wunderlist 2 Arrives on Android Tablets With iPad Version Hot On Its Heels

02/07/2013 Pocketdroid Daily Android App - Wunderlist ToDo Manager

02/02/2013 iPhone Appstorm Wunderlist 2 - Get Things Done

January 2013

01/28/2013 San Francisco Chronicle Why Berlin’s Startup Scene Is Growing

01/23/2013 The Next Web Top Apps and Startups From Germany

01/14/2013 Yahoo! News How To Turn Your Tablet Computer Into A Mobile Office

01/01/2013 ABC News 5 Apps to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

01/01/2013 The Next Web Happy new year! Here are some tips to help you avoid dumping your resolutions before February

December 2012

12/26/2012 CNet Essential Apps For Your New Android Device

12/25/2012 The Verge The Best Apps For Your New Mac

12/23/2012 Cult of Mac This Week’s Must Have iOS Apps

12/18/2012 Engadget Wunderlist 2 Debuts

12/18/2012 The Industry Wunderlist 2 Review - Task Management Made Simple

12/18/2012 Cult Of Mac Wunderlist - Rebirth Of A Great Task Manager With New Design And Slick Sharing

12/18/2012 GigaOM Wunderlist 2 Finally Appears With Features Pointing to a More Collaborative Future

12/18/2012 TUAW Wunderlist 2 goes native, adds many new features to beautiful, free app

12/18/2012 Venture Beat Wunderlist 2 launches on iOS, Android, & more to make your to-do list better than ever

12/18/2012 Lifehacker Wunderlist 2 Brings Recurring Items, Shared To-Dos, Notifications, and Much More to Our Favorite To-Do App

12/18/2012 The Next Web Popular to-do list app Wunderlist gets a raft of powerful new features

12/18/2012 Tech Crunch Wunderlist 2 Goes Native On All Platforms

12/18/2012 The Verge Wunderlist 2 is a rare mix of simple list-making and powerful task management

12/11/2012 ZDNet My Top 10 picks for iOS productivity apps

November 2012

11/30/2012 ZDNet Is Germany the best place to start your start-up?

11/22/2012 Lifehacker The 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For

11/21/2012 The Week 6 actually useful smartphone apps to get you through Black Friday

11/08/2012 MSNBC The best Windows apps for college (and they're free)

October 2012

10/31/2012 The Next Web Awesome offices - Inside 12 fantastic startup workplaces in Berlin

10/30/2012 The Guardian What are the best student apps?

10/26/2012 Addicted2Success The Top 10 Up and Coming European Startups This Year

10/22/2012 MacSystem Wunderlist, organisez vos tâches simplement

10/15/2012 The MacMentor Wunderful Organization and Task Management with Wunderlist

10/11/2012 Kiwi Commons iPhone Apps for Keeping Track of Homework

10/01/2012 Entrepreneur 5 Tech Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

September 2012

09/26/2012 Next Scientist Graduate School Advice Series - 10 Indispensable Gear For PhD Students

09/20/2012 Makeuseof Wunderlist – The Best To-Do List Application On The iPhone

09/06/2012 Cult of Mac Wunderlist 2 Coming Later This Year, Wunderkit Collaboration Tool Discontinued

09/05/2012 TechGuide Wunderlist app can help you organise your life

09/03/2012 Cult of Mac The 10 Best iOS Apps For Getting Things Done

August 2012

08/29/2012 Mashable 6 Fantastic To-Do Apps for Getting Organized

08/28/2012 CNN Money 11 essential back-to-school apps

08/24/2012 The Verge Back to School - the best apps for every student

08/22/2012 Daily Tekk College Tech - 101 Indispensable Apps, Websites, Services & Resources for Students

08/21/2012 Raticos Tecnológicos Wunderlist es un gestor de tareas bastante funcional y muy sencillo de utilizar, disponible en multitud de idiomas

08/19/2012 everythingiCafe Join us as we take you trough our review of a true 21st century To-Do list for the iPhone and iPad - Wunderlist

08/17/2012 Blackberry Czech Wunderlist - kvalitní multiplatformní správce úkolů

08/15/2012 Mashable 10 Essential Tablet Apps for Business

08/14/2012 The Recapp 6 Great Back-to-School Apps for Parents

08/13/2012 The 21st Century Principal Wunderlist - Easy to use anytime-anywhere to-do list app for educators

08/13/2012 appolicious Five iOS apps to help graduate students stay organized

July 2012

07/16/2012 GeldimWWW Aufgabenplanung mit Wunderlist

07/15/2012 RBB Abendschau Berlin geht up

07/14/2012 Lifehacker Pack For iPad - Our List Of The Best iPad Apps

07/12/2012 Lifehacker Pack for Mac - Our List of the Best Free Mac Apps

07/11/2012 Dottotech One that is really high-rated is one called Wunderlist

07/08/2012 Lifehacker It’s free on all platforms, fast, lightweight, easy to use, available on the web, and syncs across all of your devices.

07/03/2012 ZDNet 10 Android smartphone apps to help you out this summer

June 2012

06/29/2012 GigaOM 6Wunderkinder - Berlin needs less hype, more focus

06/26/2012 Blog.Telekom Der Gründer ist ein Held – Video telegraphen_lounge

06/25/2012 Cult of Mac Manage Projects For Free With Wunderlist For iPad

06/05/2012 Science & Translation Wunderlist is very handy and I am sure you will love it

May 2012

05/30/2012 Caschys Blog …fröhliches Abarbeiten von ToDos auch angepasst auf dem Android-Tablet!

05/29/2012 Android Geeze Wunderlist has become a must have app for many Android users

05/25/2012 BlackBerryItalia Wunderlist, Gestione Attivita’ Dal Playbook

05/18/2012 Creative Bloq 40 best iPad apps for designers

05/16/2012 Computerworld Wunderkit helps you work.

05/11/2012 Online Marketing Blog 6Wunderkinder machen aus Wunderlist ein Wunderkit – ein modernes Märchen

05/09/2012 MSN Deutschland Die Windows Phone Apps der Woche – Wunderlist

05/06/2012 Mashable How tech is changing college life

05/02/2012 Lifehacker Take your ideas from start to finish with Wunderkit

April 2012

04/23/2012 AppStorm Organize Tasks with Wunderkit.

04/18/2012 Wirtschaftsblatt Collaboration kann auch cool sein.

04/16/2012 WP7App Die auf allen Plattformen verfügbare und für ihr tolles Design bekannte Aufgaben-Anwendung ist kostenlos und auf jeden Fall ein Blick wert.

04/16/2012 napresseportal 6Wunderkinder setzen auf Wirecard.

04/10/2012 UX Magazine Wunderlist’s Cross-Platform Acquisition & Onboarding Process

04/10/2012 Conversations by Nokia Wunderlist on your Nokia Lumia makes life simpler

04/09/2012 Andronavi デザインも機能も非常にシンプルで、いつでもどこでもタスクの確認、登録ができる非常に便利なアプリです。

04/09/2012 AppAppeal Wunderkit – Online Project Organization Tool

04/05/2012 Netokracija Tražite li dobar alat za vođenje vaših zadaća i zadataka, dajte Wunderlistu šansu.

04/04/2012 Mark Brumley Wunderlist – Fantastic Productivity Apps

04/03/2012 Time Management Ninja 10 Reasons Wunderlist Is My Todo List (And Should Be Yours Too…)

04/03/2012 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Wunderlist ist ein praktischer Task-Manager mit einer schicken Optik.

04/02/2012 Linksuche Wunderkit – A new way to organize your life.

04/02/2012 Handyrettung Top-App Monat März - Wunderlist

March 2012

03/30/2012 iFreak App der Woche – Wunderlist

03/29/2012 dreisechsnull START-UPS IN DEUTSCHLAND – Neue deutsche Gründer

03/28/2012 Apps4success Beste deutsche Mobile Company - 6 Wunderkinder

03/25/2012 commehr 6Wunderkinder wird einen Einfluss entwickeln, welchen wir heute noch nicht erahnen können

03/23/2012 CHIP Online Wunderlist - asistent personal pentru Windows Phone

03/23/2012 Windowsfera Estamos en tiempos que la productividad en nuestras tares es un punto muy importante y sobre todo tenerlas organizadas con una aplicación para móviles es algo indispensable como la siguiente aplicación para Windows Phone

03/23/2012 Die fünf besten Crossover Apps - Mit Wunderlist bestens organisiert

03/22/2012 Genbeta La aplicación es bastante buena. Fácil de usar, cumple su cometido y se sincroniza a la perfección con el resto de plataformas.

03/22/2012 Guardian A selection of 12 new apps for you today

03/21/2012 Nokia Wunderlist hilft Millionen von Menschen an jedem Ort und zu jeder Zeit organisiert zu bleiben

03/21/2012 CHIP Online Das geniale Konzept von Wunderlist hat sich auch auf die Windows Phone-Plattform durchgeschlagen

03/21/2012 wpcentral Wunderlist is a pretty neat task manager and looks absolutely gorgeous on your Windows Phone

03/21/2012 GigaOm Another task done - Wunderlist for Windows Phone

03/21/2012 Gizmodo Je vous disais qu’il était indispensable!

03/21/2012 GigaOm Harmonization would allow us to be more competitive worldwide and bring our products to market easier

03/20/2012 Stadt-Bremerhaven Wunderlist für Windows Phone ist da

03/11/2012 BZ Berlin App der Woche Wunderkit

03/05/2012 Stern Das vor anderthalb Jahren gegründete Unternehmen wolle ebenfalls Software radikal verändern

03/02/2012 WIRED Copycats are not companies that work on ideas and make them a little better, they simply try to copy it and sell it very fast

03/01/2012 PC World If you’re looking for a list-making app, it’s hard to go wrong with Wunderlist

February 2012

02/29/2012 Bloomberg Last summer a local startup called 6Wunderkinder called for an anti-copycat revolution

02/27/2012 AppStorm The Bottom Line - I love Wunderkit

02/27/2012 Tagesspiegel 6Wunderkinder könnte das erste Berliner ‘Milliardending’ werden.

02/24/2012 AppPicker I’ve started using [Wunderkit] and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

02/23/2012 GigaOM Wunderbar! Why millions are flocking to Wunderlist

02/22/2012 MacWorld Wunderkit is een geweldige app om gezamenlijke projecten mee te beheren.

02/18/2012 Focus Wir sind das nächste Facebook

02/17/2012 Techline Kipróbálni pedig abszolút érdemes (ráadásul nem kerül semmibe)!

02/16/2012 iPhoneclub Wunderkit voortaan gratis te gebruiken

02/15/2012 Macnotes Ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist die umfangreiche Kompatibilität des Systems.

02/15/2012 webAdictos Wunderkit … uno de los mejores gestores de tareas colaborativos que ahora existen en todas las plataformas

02/15/2012 App Advice Wunderkit is a suite of project management apps, and with something special social integration

02/10/2012 t3n Mit ihrer viel gelobten Todo-App „Wunderlist hat sich das Berliner Startup „6 Wunderkinder ins Rampenlicht katapultiert.

02/06/2012 Baixaki Um maravilhoso organizador de tarefas com muito estilo e elegância para você não se perder no que estiver fazendo!

02/06/2012 LifeHacker Japan 人気ToDoリストアプリWunderlist のウェブアプリ版 Wunderkit がリリース

02/05/2012 CNET Japan ウェブサービスレビュー]マルチプラットフォーム対応のタスク管理サービスWunderlist

02/03/2012 NBC Chicago App of the Week - Wunderlist

02/03/2012 Wunderkit sollten Sie unbedingt ausprobieren

02/02/2012 PCWorld Australia Wunderkit lets users work and plan projects collaboratively, first by creating a digital workspace

02/02/2012 LifeHacker Australia Wunderkit is worth a look

02/02/2012 Schick designte App für strukturiertes Arbeiten.

02/01/2012 GIZMODO Wunderkit entre en phase de beta

02/01/2012 TechCrunch Berlin-based startup 6Wunderkinder has just launched the beta for their productivity suite Wunderkit

02/01/2012 Lifehacker Wunderkit will look and feel similar to you, and you’ll have no trouble getting started with it

02/01/2012 IdeaMensch 50 Tech Entrepreneurs Who Are Building Awesome Things

02/01/2012 iPhoneclub heb je een ongelooflijk krachtige en veelzijdige projecttool in handen met deze iPhone-app

02/01/2012 MacGeneration Wunderkit est un gestionnaire de projet collaboratif très ambitieux.

02/01/2012 Macworld Wunderkit offers collaborative project management on Mac, iOS

02/01/2012 Neue Online-Plattform für Team-Projekte

02/01/2012 Der Tagesspiegel Wunderkit richtet sich … an jeden Einzelnen, der einen Ort sucht, an dem er all seine Ideen und Projekte organisieren … kann.

02/01/2012 Heise Online Wunderkit lädt zum Betatest ein

02/01/2012 PC-Max Wenn die nächste Gruppenreise ansteht, kann man also vielleicht schon getrost […] zu Wunderkit greifen.

02/01/2012 Computerwoche Der Web-Service Wunderkit will die Vorteile Sozialer Netzwerke mit den Möglichkeiten virtueller Arbeitsplätze verbinden.

January 2012

01/31/2012 The New Yorker simple to-do-list app that I like more than the ten thousand others I’ve tried

01/31/2012 Welt Online Wenn das Unternehmen wächst, ist das wie Beschleunigen auf der Autobahn

01/30/2012 TWIT For our spotlight this week, I’m super excited to hear you talk about Wunderkit

01/30/2012 Wunderkit unterstützt gemeinsame Projekte

01/29/2012 Berliner Morgenpost Die neuen Wunderkinder von Berlin

01/29/2012 Welt am Sonntag Die Zutaten für den Erfolg der „6Wunderkinder sind beispielhaft für die jüngste Gründergeneration.

01/27/2012 Financial Times Deutschland Als Organisationstool zeigt Wunderkit viel Potenzial.

01/25/2012 Appstorm Wunderkit is a tool that you should definitely check out.

01/24/2012 bbin Wunderlist for Blackberry will boost your productivity

01/24/2012 Crackberry Wunderlist, has finally made it to BlackBerry

01/21/2012 ABC News Hopes are High for ‘Workplace Facebook

01/19/2012 BILD Mit „Wunderkit hat 6Wunderkinder eine pfiffige Idee umgesetzt

01/18/2012 SPIEGEL 6Wunderkinder is already a significant player in the Berlin start-up scene

01/17/2012 T3N Wunderkit – Aufgeräumt, ansprechend und sozial

01/17/2012 Basic Thinking Das bessere Google Wave

01/17/2012 Netzwertig Das Facebook für Produktivität

01/17/2012 TheNextWeb I was invited to 6Wunderkinder’s Berlin office to take a first look at Wunderkit

01/16/2012 TheNextWeb I think Wunderkit has a bright future ahead of itself

December 2011

12/27/2011 Gigaom Why Berlin is poised to be Europe’s new tech hub

12/22/2011 USA TODAY Wunderlist is extremely useful if you’re a student

12/22/2011 Apple App of the Year Runner Up – China, Switzerland, Austria, Germany

12/22/2011 Apple iPhone App of the Year 2011 – Japan

12/21/2011 New York Times For a simple, elegant and free app… Wunderlist is ideal

12/19/2011 Computerwoche Wunderlist - Intuitiv zu bedienen und besonders schick

12/11/2011 Spiegel 3,1 Millionen Euro in das Berliner Start-up 6Wunderkinder verkündet

12/08/2011 Twit Wunderkit…it’s the future of collaboration

12/01/2011 Appstorm The definitive roundup of those most crucial of apps; task management apps

November 2011

11/28/2011 PC World Great Apps for Android

11/28/2011 PC World Great Apps for iOS

11/24/2011 Lifehacker 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For

11/22/2011 Lifehacker I find that Wunderlist serves my purposes very well

11/20/2011 ZDFheute Ein Berliner Startup auf Erfolgskurs

11/17/2011 Der Tagesspiegel Millionen für Berlins Wunderkinder

11/17/2011 BILD Skype Gründer steckt 4 Mio. Dollar in 6Wunderkinder

11/17/2011 ChinaByte 云任务管理平台获Atomico投资420万美元

11/16/2011 TechCrunch Atomico Invests $4.2M In 6Wunderkinder - German Name, Global Ambitions

11/16/2011 WELT ONLINE Mehr als vier Millionen Dollar für 6Wunderkinder in Berlin

11/16/2011 rbb Skype-Gründer Niklas Zennström investiert in die junge Berliner Firma

11/16/2011 n-tv Mehr als vier Millionen Euro für 6Wunderkinder in Berlin

11/16/2011 COMPUTERWOCHE Niklas Zennström investiert in 6Wunderkinder

11/16/2011 CIO Mehr als vier Millionen Euro für 6Wunderkinder in Berlin

11/16/2011 Focus Skype-Gründer Niklas Zennström steckt 4,2 Millionen Dollar in das Berliner Internet-Unternehmen 6Wunderkinder

11/16/2011 away 6Wunderkinder raises $4.2 million from Atomico, eyes global expansion

11/16/2011 36kr 德国生产力工具初创企业6Wunderkinder获420万美元投资

11/16/2011 wallstreet-online Skype-Gründer Niklas Zennström steckt 4,2 Millionen Euro in das Berliner Internet-Unternehmen 6Wunderkinder

11/16/2011 Stern Mehr als vier Millionen Dollar für 6Wunderkinder in Berlin

11/16/2011 Berliner Morgenpost Skype-Gründer steckt Millionen in Berliner Start-up

11/16/2011 Gründerszene Atomico investiert 4,2 Millionen US-Dollar in Berliner Startup 6Wunderkinder

11/14/2011 Netzwertig Eine bemerkenswerte Erfolgsgeschichte

11/14/2011 Daily Mail three things about Wunderlist that make it stand out from the rest of the pack

11/10/2011 tip Berlin Die digitale Metropole

11/09/2011 IdeaMensch Wunderkit will redefine the productivity market

11/09/2011 GIGAOM Berlin is fast becoming the destination of choice for entrepreneurs

11/08/2011 t3n t3n Web Awards 2011 - Die Sieger stehen fest!

11/04/2011 Lifehacker 米LH編集部のイチオシのAndroidのToDoリスト管理アプリもやはりWunderlist

October 2011

10/27/2011 BILD Geheimnis um Wunder-App aus der Hauptstadt

10/26/2011 Lifehacker 米LHが選ぶベストなWindows向けToDoアプリは Wunderlist で決まり!

10/21/2011 COMPUTERWOCHE Jetzt setzt es mit Wunderkit noch eins drauf

10/21/2011 Basic Thinking Blog Mehr als 50.000 Interessenten haben sich [...] registriert

10/20/2011 Lifehacker The Best To-Do App for Android

10/20/2011 Stadt-Bremerhaven Wunderkit - Wunderlist auf Steroiden

10/19/2011 Lifehacker The Best To-Do App for iPhone

10/18/2011 Lifehacker The Best To-Do App for Windows

10/17/2011 Lifehacker The Best To-Do App for Mac OS X

10/13/2011 makeuseof Best iPad Apps

10/12/2011 AppStorm 8/10 – Look no further than Wunderlist

10/08/2011 BILD Was sich junge Unternehmer von Berlin wünschen

10/05/2011 Financial Times Deutschland Berlin startet durch

10/01/2011 TechCrunch We’ve had it with the cloners, as evidenced by the recent declaration by 6wunderkinder

September 2011

09/27/2011 BBC It’s more about celebrating the new entrepreneurs who have the innovative ideas

09/23/2011 Vodafone Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 – zum Finale ein PICNIC!

09/19/2011 New York Times Vodafone Mobile Clicks Contest Uncovers Hot Apps

09/16/2011 The New York Times In the next two years we will have a multibillion-euro company here in Berlin

09/16/2011 TNW Wunderlist is a taster of what the company’s far more ambitious Wunderkit product

09/12/2011 AppStorm 9/10 – In a nutshell, Wunderlist is the go to app for simplicity and productivity

09/12/2011 AppStorm 9/10 – A big fan of Wunderlist

09/11/2011 Der Tagesspiegel Made in Berlin

09/06/2011 GIGAOM Performance is snappy and the software looks as good on Android as it does on iOS

09/06/2011 Android Central If you haven’t checked out Wunderlist yet, now is a great time to do so

09/04/2011 TechCrunch Recent declaration of an anti-copycat revolution

August 2011

08/26/2011 Wunderkinder werden Millionäre

08/19/2011 How their todo app, Wunderlist, got to 1,000,000 downloads

08/19/2011 COMPUTERWOCHE Berlin mischt die Internet-Branche auf

08/19/2011 impulse Cooler als New York Berlin mischt die Internet-Branche auf

08/19/2011 WELT ONLINE Die Berliner Internet-Startups

08/19/2011 n-tv Hintergrund - Die Berliner Internet-Startups

08/19/2011 CIO Berliner Internet-Startups sorgen für Furore

08/18/2011 BENM.AT Wunderlist wachst schneller als Evernote und Twitter

08/17/2011 TNW Elegant cross-platform to-do list service Wunderlist hits 1 million unique users

08/16/2011 USA TODAY 8 tech tools for college students

08/12/2011 Spiegel Online Now it’s time for change

08/10/2011 The Telegraph Wunderlist is clever, cloud-based and elegantly designed.

08/08/2011 t3n Schick und stylish - Die Büros des Berliner Startups 6Wunderkinder

08/08/2011 IdeaMensch I’m working hard on our next product Wunderkit. I’m also ensuring that our current product Wunderlist is constantly being updated

08/04/2011 Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 – The Finalists

08/01/2011 .net the top 10 young developers of the year

July 2011

07/28/2011 GIGAOM 10 tools to improve communication

07/26/2011 AppStorm What the AppStorm Crew Couldn’t Live Without

June 2011

06/03/2011 Associated Press Germany’s High-Tech Startup Capital

06/03/2011 Bloomberg Businessweek Europe’s top spot for pulsing nightlife and hip galleries is now attracting a different set of innovator — young high-tech entrepreneurs

06/03/2011 ABC News Companies that want to be international need the right people, the right investors

06/01/2011 TechCrunch 6Wunderkinder scores further round of funding

April 2011

04/13/2011 iPhone AppStorm Wunderlist is the app that’s changing everything.

04/11/2011 Mactrast QA with Robert Kock

04/04/2011 PCMAG The Best Free Software of 2011

March 2011

03/31/2011 Web AppStorm It’s always exciting when a brand new company springs up and turns a whole category of software around. 6Wunderkit is a firm that did just that.

03/11/2011 Apple App Store iPad App of The Week

03/11/2011 The Next Web The productivity boosting web app will surely be a hit for folks who love keeping organized to-do lists.

03/09/2011 Bloomberg Wunderlist has become a phenomenon in the crowded productivity tool category.

February 2011

02/23/2011 Stadt Bremerhaven meinen momentanen Favoriten in Sachen ToDos erledigen

02/04/2011 Netzwertig Wunderlist – Der steile Aufstieg eines Taskmanagers

02/03/2011 Envato Notes Best Of Appstorm January

January 2011

01/21/2011 Apple App Store iPhone App of The Week in more than 60 countries

01/05/2011 Lifehacker Freebie Award 2011 – There’s not much more you could ask for.

01/04/2011 CBS 5 Morning News Tech Tuesday – New Year’s Apps

December 2010

12/29/2010 The Next Web 10 Best Productivity Apps of 2010 – Wunderlist struck us with is simplicity and cross-platform support.

12/21/2010 TC Europe on Wunderkit If it looks even half as streamlined as the company’s website, or wunderlist for that matter, I suspect many will want to give it a good whirl. Stay tuned.

12/15/2010 Mashable It’s hard to ignore the elegant styling of the desktop and iPhone applications, which marry function with design.

12/10/2010 Lifehacker Wunderlist for iPhone Is an Elegant, Syncing To-Do Manager

November 2010

11/22/2010 The Next Web simple, easy and beautiful - are the three words that immediately spring to mind when you fire it up

11/12/2010 Lifehacker Video Aside from being really pretty, the interface is straightforward and easy to use.

Press Releases

March 2015

03/12/2015 Wunderlist Delivers One of its Biggest Updates Yet

February 2015

02/11/2015 Wunderlist expands their partnership with Deutsche Telekom, to bring Wunderlist Pro to millions of new customers

July 2014

07/31/2014 6Wunderkinder launches Wunderlist 3

January 2014

01/23/2014 6Wunderkinder Kicks Off 2014 With its First Silicon Valley Based Hire

November 2013

11/12/2013 Wunderlist partners with Sequoia Capital and raises series B financing to expand operations in the US

September 2013

09/24/2013 Wunderlist Surpasses More Than 5.3 Million Users & Introduces Comments

July 2013

07/25/2013 Wunderlist Closes In On 5 Million Users & Releases A Major Update For Businesses

May 2013

05/07/2013 Farewell Astrid, Wunderlist To The Rescue

05/02/2013 Wunderlist Pro Arrives Today On Android & Windows

April 2013

04/24/2013 Wunderlist Pro Arrives Today And Is Set To Improve The Way You Work In Teams

March 2013

03/13/2013 Wunderlist Becomes Much More Than A To-Do List With "Add To Wunderlist"

February 2013

02/19/2013 Chad Fowler Joins 6Wunderkinder as CTO

02/14/2013 Wunderlist 2 Reaches More Than Half a Million Registered Users in Just Eight Weeks and Today Expands Further to Include iPad

February 2012

02/06/2012 Wunderlist 2 Arrives On Android Tablets

December 2012

12/18/2012 6Wunderkinder Introduces Wunderlist 2

September 2012

09/06/2012 6Wunderkinder places the spotlight firmly on Wunderlist

January 2012

01/31/2012 6Wunderkinder Launches Public Beta of Project Management tool for individuals and groups

November 2011

11/16/2011 Atomico Invests $4.2 Million Series A Funding in Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder

September 2011

09/28/2011 The Makers of Wunderlist Win 3rd Place in the World‘s Largest Mobile Competition

August 2011

08/17/2011 Wunderlist Reaches 1 Million Users Worldwide

June 2011

06/01/2011 Berlin-­based 6Wunderkinder attracts funding from top tier investor T-­Venture

March 2011

03/09/2011 Wunderlist, iPhone's

January 2011

01/27/2011 Digital to-do list Wunderlist brings order into the daily task management chaos

December 2010

12/22/2010 High-Tech Gründerfonds invests in Berlin-based startup 6Wunderkinder

August 2010

08/11/2010 6Wunderkinder Founding

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