Become a Wunderkind

An inspiring city to live in

Named as the world's second best city for quality of life, Berlin becomes more and more attractive for many young tech startups. Take a walk in Mitte and as you pass a row of cafes you’ll hear English, French, Spanish and German being spoken in the span of one block. Germany's capital is full of experiences: politics, history and culture. Ever dreamed of a female head of government? Or a gay mayor in one city? Willkommen to Berlin.

Everything you need

Hey there, let me get the door for you. New here? Cool, here's the lowdown. On your height-adjustable desk you’ll find a brand-new MacBook, a Cinema Display and some other cool accessories. Take a seat — you'll find your backside on one of the industry's most ergonomic and comfortable chairs. You can enjoy a yummy breakfast, afternoon snacks (including Germany’s finest chocolate) and fresh fruit every single day. And hey, work hard play hard. Blow off steam with some ping pong and Xbox in our hangout lounge. That's how we roll here at Wunderlist and Microsoft!

We are family

To us, you are more than an employee. You are family. And we value family. So expect no senseless hierarchies, just open discussions and transparency. AND your fair share of family gatherings, celebrations and vacations. If you want to join our team, ready yourself to learn a lot, laugh a lot, go beyond what you thought possible – and change the world with us. Welcome to Wunderlist and Microsoft.

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