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An inspiring city to live in

Named as the world's second best city for quality of life, Berlin becomes more and more attractive for many young tech startups. Take a walk in Mitte and as you pass a row of cafes you’ll hear English, French, Spanish and German being spoken in the span of one block. Germany's capital is full of experiences: politics, history and culture. Ever dreamed of a female head of government? Or a gay mayor in one city? Willkommen to Berlin.

Everything you need

Hey there, let me get the door for you. New here? Cool, here's the lowdown. On your height-adjustable desk you’ll find a brand-new MacBook, a Cinema Display and some other cool accessories. Take a seat — you'll find your backside on one of the industry's most ergonomic and comfortable chairs. You can enjoy a yummy breakfast, afternoon snacks (including Germany’s finest chocolate) and fresh fruit every single day. And hey, work hard play hard. Blow off steam with some ping pong and Xbox in our hangout lounge. That's how we roll here at 6Wunderkinder!

We are family

To us, you are more than an employee. You are family. And we value family. So expect no senseless hierarchies, just open discussions and transparency. AND your fair share of family gatherings, celebrations and vacations. If you want to join our team, ready yourself to learn a lot, laugh a lot, go beyond what you thought possible – and change the world with us. Welcome to 6Wunderkinder.

Full-Stack Developer

We have an amazing product used by more than 10 million people across the globe. We have a unique and pixel perfect design in all aspects. We have a great vision and an ambitious team to back it up. What we need is someone who can play a part on different teams working on various projects to constantly improve and enhance the feel and functionality of Wunderlist and the growing platform around it. If the idea of being involved in the complete development of Wunderlist from UI to database is exciting to you, there’s more to read for you below…

What we are looking for

  • An avid user of Wunderlist and other productivity apps
  • Expertise with server side technologies like Ruby on Rails, Scala, Haskell, Go, Python, Node.js and Clojure
  • Experience in infrastructure and application deployment, e.g. with Puppet or Chef
  • Real passion, interest and experience in working with database technologies such as Postgres, Redis, DynamoDB and MySQL to build world-class infrastructure
  • Interest in working with asynchronous distributed micro services
  • Familiar and comfortable working with RESTful APIs
  • Experience with building client side apps, be it for web (e.g. JavaScript), mobile (e.g. Android) or desktop (e.g. .Net), or ideally mastering more than one
  • Enthusiasm for beautiful, pragmatic code and an eye for simplicity
  • Ability to integrate into a symbiotic team of young and highly motivated people
  • Desire to learn from and teach your skills to others in the team
  • Effective oral and written English communication skills
  • Ready to live in the great city of Berlin, Germany

What you'll do

  • Work on, improve and develop our productivity product Wunderlist with some exciting new features and an impressive user interface
  • Optimize database queries and code to achieve the fastest, most lightweight experience possible
  • Create the desktop and mobile front-ends of Wunderlist
  • Work across teams in a project based way and be involved in feature creations, product enhancements and experiments throughout the entire development lifecycle, from databases over backend and APIs to frontend and user experience
  • Work in different project teams, propose and lead own projects and be an important part in the success of Wunderlist and 6Wunderkinder
  • Be part of a world class team that passionately believes in what it does
  • Get exceptional career opportunities
  • Enrich our team with expert knowledge
  • Live in the great city of Berlin, Germany

Social Media Strategist

We are looking for a hands-on, self motivated communicator with an ambitious creative spirit to drive our social media presence. Are you able to move seamlessly between crafting digital strategies, content creation and starting engaging conversations? If the answer is yes, then we want to talk to you!

What we are looking for

  • A Wunderlist user, who absolutely loves lists
  • A highly social media savvy person with proven experience in building up a fan base across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube
  • 3+ years experience in content creation such as writing engaging blog posts and social media copy
  • A self-starter who can generate fresh ideas, lead projects and put in the work to make them a reality
  • An analytical mind that’s able to recognize patterns in an ocean of information
  • Someone who is calm in the line of fire, empathizes with others and is a positively minded person
  • Excellent language and communication skills in English
  • Strong social and relationship building skills

What you'll do

  • Work collaboratively within the marketing team to ensure the creation and delivery of best-in-class social media activities
  • Manage the creation and execution of social media marketing campaigns
  • Grow our fan base on social media platforms by generating informative, relevant, and engaging content
  • Manage and optimize social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube
  • Manage the measurement of our digital campaigns’ performance and use the learnings to evolve future plans
  • Be the voice of Wunderlist and drive conversations by commenting on other blogs and articles across the web
  • Help organize meetups and maintain relationships with our most loyal customers
  • Get exceptional career opportunities
  • Live in the awesome city of Berlin
  • Please provide your social media profile or the profiles of companies you have worked for in your application